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There are now at least four CalDAV implementations for Android:

Hypermatix CalDAV Clients/Calendar Sync for Android

  • Tries to synchronise the internal Android calendar store with a CalDAV server.
  • "Free as in beer" in the app store

aCal CalDAV Client for Android

  • aCal is a standalone calendar application which only supports calendars hosted on a remote CalDAV server.
  • "Free as in software" with the source code available on gitorious under the GPL v3 license.
  • The app store version of aCal is sold for a token NZD$2 (or equivalent) to discourage accidental installation by people who don't actually want a CalDAV client, and to help keep the author in beer and pizza.


  • the caldav4j-apk is a free replacement for the google calendar which syncs with remote CalDAV servers.

CalDAV-Sync alpha (dmfs / Marten Gajda)

  • Synchronises the Android calendar with an arbitrary number of CalDAV servers.
  • Two-way synchronisation is currently marked "experimental". A 3-hour intense test by me on 2011-08-28 with version and DAViCal on the other end looked promising though - no problems at all so far.
  • Available on the Android Market for ~2.50€ (as of 2011-08-28)
  • According to the author it will be released as open source once version 1.0 is reached