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Available languages

So far the available CalDAV clients which have been verified to work with DAViCal in at least some manner are:

  • Evolution
  • Mozilla Calendar (Mozilla Lightning & Mozilla Sunbird)
  • Postbox Postbox and its Postbox Lightning add-on, working very well. (It's paid)
  • Mulberry
  • Chandler
  • Cadaver
  • Kontact / Akonadi (via WebDAV as at Sept 2009)
  • iCal version 3.0.1 onward from OS 10.5, and since DAViCal release 0.9.2 onwards
  • SOHO Organizer will work with basic functions from DAViCal 0.9.2 onwards, more complete support arrived in 0.9.3
  • Outlook Several extensions for Outlook are available:
    • Atmail Sync for Outlook A Microsoft Outlook 2007 & 2010 Add-in to open-standard CalDAV (calendaring) and CardDAV (contacts) protocols to sync to the Atmail server (nonfree)
    • iCal4OL A perfect 2-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar, DAViCAL and WebCalendar! (nonfree)
    • OpenConnector for Outlook 2003+, post 2007-Dec releases. (deprecated)
    • OpenChange/SoGo seems to have worked out a built-in solution for their project that may be usable?
    • ZideOne A MAPI message store provider which converts Outlook into a real CalDAV/GroupDAV client (nonfree) (deprecated, no longer available)

Mobile Device Clients

Web Based Client(s)

  • AgenDAV -- Free software, featuring Fullcalendar. Tested on 2011-11-05, fully working with Davical.
  • CalDavZAP - Open source web CalDAV client / HTML5 Javascript+jQuery web application (compatible with Safari, Webkit, Chrome and Firefox)
  • Webical -- no active development anymore
  • DAViCal Web Client -- simple graphical interface. Full support for create, edit and delete
  • PHP iCalendar
  • Atmail CalDAV client -- a jQuery CalDAV client, support for delegation and shared calendars. Full support for DAViCal in older version. 100 user evaluation available.
  • Reliam Cloudmail - a web groupware (IMAP, calendars, contacts, files) with support for shared calendars. Supports DAViCal/google/yahoo-calendars. Not free software (except for free lite-accounts).
  • A calendar plugin for RoundCube based on DAViCal's caldav-client.php -- on 2010-05-10, no Davical support indeed - This plugin seems to be gone now, there is another plugin for roundcube listed below however.
  • Calender plugin for RoundCube webmail (part of the myroundcube plugin bundle), jquery interface that allows for read/write to caldav calendars.
  • Kronolith -- part of the Horde framework. Version 4 will support CalDAV. Current git version allready work.

Client Libraries

Clients not confirmed to be working

  • OpenConnector for Outlook 2003+, post 2007-Dec releases.
    • Just tested on 2010-05-09, to no avail. Don't lose your time, it will never connect to your Davical server, and will only pollute your Outlook client with highly time-consuming extra processes. BTW, this project seems abandoned.

Clients confirmed not to be working