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Start of some documentation for the aCal, Android CalDAV Client.

UI Actions

As well as the obvious buttons in aCal, there are a variety of things that are not so obvious, most of which are available through a long press on something:

  • Long press on an event in the day's list for Edit / Delete options.
  • Long press on a collection in the collections list for a disable option.
  • Long press on a server in the servers list for Export / Delete options.
  • Long press on the year view to choose to go to a particular year.

Known Issues

  • aCal does not have a local calendar
  • aCal does not in any way deal with the internal Android Calendar store.
  • When saving changes to a repeating event, the only currently supported option is "Modify all instances".
  • When you are off-line and create an event, the event will be unmodifiable and display as "saving" until you get back into coverage and it is sent to the server.
  • Exporting a server account configuration includes the password in the export, in plain text, in the XML file which is saved on the sdcard in the 'acal' folder.
  • Alarms may sometimes not divulge the name of the event that they are notifying (though the displayed event time is correct).
  • When editing an event the "Apply" button is labelled "Add".