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The PROPPATCH method is used to set properties on collections. Some CalDAV implementations are likely to issue a MKCOL first and then a PROPPATCH to make it into a calendar collection. Most other properties are potentially settable with PROPPATCH.

Standard DAV properties

Property Used in RSCDS Set Remove Query
creationdate No - easily implemented, but nothing asks for it Illegal Illegal Yes
displayname Yes (Chandler uses this for names of collections) In 0.6.0 Can set blank In 0.5.0
getcontentlanguage No No No No
getcontentlength Yes - used regularly Illegal Illegal In 0.2.0
getcontenttype Yes - used for calendar resources Illegal Illegal In 0.1.0
getetag Yes - used everywhere Illegal Illegal In 0.1.0
getlastmodified Yes - available, but nothing uses it yet Illegal Illegal In 0.3.0
lockdiscovery SupportLockMethod first via LOCK via UNLOCK In 0.6.0
resourcetype calendar Yes - used for calendar collections In 0.6.0 In 0.6.0 In 0.5.0
source No In 0.6.0 In 0.6.0 In 0.6.0
supportedlock SupportLockMethod first Illegal Illegal In 0.6.0

Additional CalDAV Calendar Collection properties

At this point, while it is possible to set & remove these properties with PROPPATCH it is not possible to query them with PROPFIND.

Property Used in RSCDS Set Remove Query
CALDAV:calendar-description No In 0.6.0 In 0.6.0 No
CALDAV:calendar-timezone No
CALDAV:supported-calendar-component-set No
CALDAV:supported-calendar-data No
CALDAV:max-resource-size No
CALDAV:min-date-time No
CALDAV:max-date-time No
CALDAV:max-instances No
CALDAV:max-attendees-per-instance No

Additional CalDAV Principal properties

Property Used in RSCDS Set Remove Query
CALDAV:calendar-home-set No
resourcetype principal Limited Ignored Ignored Limited