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This release is primarily about bugfixes and improvements to our testing infrastructure. Notable changes include the addition of the $c->list_everyone configuration option to limit the display of other users in the web interface, much improved addressbook queries, and readiness for PHP8.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Upgrades of Other Software

  • AWL 0.62 is necessary for the addressbook query fixes


Bug Fixes

  • freebusy: events with recurrence rule are sometimes counted one too many times
  • cardquery: ensure restriction to target collection remains in force
  • restrict listing of external calendars to Admin users
  • return a nicer error message if no user is found for Free/Busy via email
  • awl: many fixes to the handling of param-filter and prop-filter in addressbook queries (#20, #21, !15, !16, !17, !18, !19, !20)
  • awl: correctly set a postgresql search_path, if configured (#23)
  • lots of added and updated regression tests, more CI tests, improvements to timezone testing

Other Changes

  • Add $c->list_everyone option to limit the display of other users in the web interface to those that the current user has access to. The default (all users are listed) remains unchanged (#59)
  • eliminate a few instances of syntax deprecated or obsoleted by PHP 8

Downloading DAViCal

DAViCal 1.1.10:

AWL 0.62:

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git

  • None known.


  • None known.