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(released 2011-09-11)

The focus of this release is to add a variety of interative improvemens and minor additional functionality in the UI.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

You should run the update-davical-database script. Although the structure of the database has not changed, several changes have been made to some database functions, which will be updated by running the upgrade script.

Versions of Other Software

  • AWL 0.47 is required.
  • PostgreSQL 8.1 or later is required.
  • PHP version 5.1 or later is required.

PDO libraries

From version and later it is only necessary to have the PDO libraries. The legacy psql libraries are no longer used.


Functionality Enhancements

  • Experimental 'memcached' support is added to help large sites improve scalability.
  • The /setup.php URL is improved to provide better information
  • When a new user is created an 'addressbook' collection will be created in addition to their 'home' calendar.
  • Scheduling Extensions for CalDAV: When a meeting is scheduled with another person on the same server it should automatically appear in their calendar and scheduling inbox.
  • Implemented the principal-match REPORT.
  • Only include calendar-data (or addressbook-data) in the response to a sync-collection if there are fewer than 50 changes outstanding.
  • Add support for Digest authentication.
  • Add support for using IMAP as an auth source.
  • Add support for binding remote calendars External Bind(Rob Ostensen).

Bug Fixes

  • Repeat rule expansion now handles floating date-time and date correctly.
  • Access to calendar resources by users with only read-free-busy access should always be obfuscated.
  • The first user to log in after setting up a system using pam_auth or LDAP will no longer fail.
  • Correct handling for PUT of a VCALENDAR with unreferenced VTIMEZONE components.
  • Only include override components in an expanded report if they override in the expand period (or otherwise affect within the period).
  • Correct output of XML <error> responses containing error tags in the DAV namespace.
  • Correct handling of calendar-query REPORT where <prop> follows <filter>
  • Setup tests now handle where PHP config values are set to '0' or 'off' as equivalent.
  • Various bugfixes to caldav-client-v2.php script.
  • Don't restrict password character set for LDAP auth users.
  • Don't allow BIND to succeed with an empty password.
  • Correct sort ordering of members of a group.
  • Block access by expired tickets.

Other Changes

  • Group membership now always confers the group's 'Default privileges' to members of the group.
  • The handling of reading users from the database is refactored from old PHP4 code into some better object oriented classes.
  • Refactoring of the handling of PUT requests.
  • Add a workaround to let Apple Addressbook log in and use CardDAV even when account names contain '@'
  • Updated translations.
  • New translations for Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican Spanish.
  • Allow expansion to return expanded floating time events in floating time (extension to spec).
  • When an event is added but has no UID (invalid) we now add one.
  • Add support in the archive for building RPMs of DAViCal

Downloading DAViCal

See Downloading