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XMPP ( jabber ) pubsub push notifications for Apple clients


  • jabber server supporting pubsub ( XEP-0060 ), tested with ejabberd 2.1.0 with the patch from https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-1129
  • an account with publishing permissions on the jabber server
  • user accounts with matching usernames for your DAViCal AND jabber users ( ie user bart is the same in jabber and DAViCal, I use LDAP for both )

To enable push notifications for apple clients ( only iCal 4.0 for now ) add the following to the DAViCal config file:

$c->notifications_server = array(
 'host' => 'example.com',
 'jid'  => 'user@example.com',
 'password' => ,  
include ( 'pubsub.php' );

while you are getting things setup if you want to verify that it is connecting to the server add this line in the notifications_server section

'debug_jid' => 'otheruser@example.com'  

where otheruser@example.com is a valid jabber address, since this address will receive a message for EVERY calendar edit don't do this on a busy server!