Installation Experiences/Jul 2010: Slackware 13.1

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Installation Experience on Slackware 13.1

First thing i did, was to install postgresql, which is not a part of slackware, but a slackbuild is available at Then I had to recompile php with postgresql support. I download the slackbuild from and it also needs alpine to compile: You need to edit the php.SlackBuild and add these lines at the ./configure options:

then run ./php.SlackBuild and it will create a package at tmp. upgrade your php package: upgradepkg --reinstall /tmp/php-5.2.13-i486-3.txz (the actual package name might change if there is a newer version)

DaviCal: download davical package from Also, don't forget to download awl package. Untar them both to /usr/share and create a link from /var/www/htdocs to /usr/share/davical-{version_number}

All other installation instructions are covered in Installation instructions and are not slackware specific.