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Tutorial using the ports collection

There is an updated port for davical. As it resolves all dependencies, it's the best way to get davical working.

cd /usr/ports/www/davical
make install clean

After this, to complete the installation of DAViCal:

  • Edit your PostgreSQL permissions file "pg_hba.conf" and make sure you have appropriate lines for the 'davical_dba' and 'davical_app' users by adding these lines near the top:
local davical davical_dba trust
local davical davical_app trust
  • Create DAViCal's database
su pgsql /usr/local/share/doc/davical/dba/

That will create the users and apply ownership of the database and tables to davical_dba while granting davical_app the minimum permissions needed for the application to do it's job.

  • Copy and edit your config file
cp /usr/local/www/davical/config/example-config.php /usr/local/www/davical/config/config.php
  • Enable in apache by copying the httpd-davical.conf from the documentation directory to the Apache Include directory and restart Apache.
cp /usr/local/share/doc/davical/httpd-davical.conf /usr/local/etc/apache22/Includes/

This tutorial was tested using:

  • FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE or 8.0
  • PostgreSQL 8.2.13
  • Apache 2.2.13
  • PHP 5.2.11
  • DAViCal
  • awl 0.38