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The update-rscds-database program exists to update the database schema, functions and fixed data when programming changes make it necessary to change the database structure.


update-rscds-database [options]

Options are:
   --debug           Turn on debugging
   --dbname  name    The database to dig into
   --dbuser  name    Connect to the database as this user.
   --dbport  5432    Connect to the database on this port.
   --dbhost  name    Connect to the database on this host.
   --appuser name    The username which the application uses for it's database
   --nopatch         Don't try and apply any patches
   --revoke  name    Revoke permissions from this user

The program will apply any patches to the database which have not yet been applied, run any desired data patch scripts and set the correct minimum permissions for the web application user.

Rather than providing a password on the command-line it is recommended that you use a .pgpass file in your home directory to hold the database password. This file must be mode 600 to work.