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The name of RSCDS really kind of sucks. What does CalDAV have to do with Scottish Country Dancing anyway? :-)

So, folks, put your suggestions on this page, and in a month or two we'll pick one, or take a vote, or something (hey: feel free to suggest how we should choose them as well :-), and the lucky person making that suggestion will get all the credit for having done so.

If we find something catchy with just the right frisson of humour before then, maybe we'll just decide early.

Suggestions to date are:

  • CalDavPro
  • MyCalDav
  • CalServer
  • ShareCal
  • Starcal
  • Caldaver
  • Postcal
  • Acidcal
  • Zencal
  • Simplecal
  • Snapcal
  • Smoothcal