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These tools may be useful in two situations:

  • Importing of many calendars from .ics into CalDAV
  • Updating user information from an LDAP server to DAViCal

Importing .ics Files into DAViCal

Create a directory on your server where the .ics files will reside. Each .ics file should be named according to the person's username in DAViCal with the '.ics' suffix, so if the username was 'andrew' then the filename would be 'andrew.ics' and so forth.

Once that directory is populated with the .ics files, enter the server path into the screen and a name for the created calendars and click 'Submit'. Calendars will be imported into the path ".../caldav.php/username/calendarname/". For example if you chose the path to store your ics as "schedule" then the path for andrew's new calendar will be and so forth.

Updating User Information from LDAP

This option will only appear if you have configured DAViCal to operate with your LDAP server.

It allows you to synchronise the DAViCal user database with the LDAP one. Normally this should be unecessary, since a synchronisation happens for a user when their information in DAViCal is older than that from LDAP, but it can be useful to use to prepopulate DAViCal so that you can configure groups and grants before people log in and use their calendars.