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Maxime would like to see support for privacy feature in sunbird as explained here: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:WCAP_Guide#Privacy_Settings

These privacy options are pretty much the same as in other clients, using the value of the iCalendar CLASS property.

From RFC2445 this is:

  • Format Definition: The property is defined by the following notation:
  class      = "CLASS" classparam ":" classvalue CRLF
  classparam = *(";" xparam)
  classvalue = "PUBLIC" / "PRIVATE" / "CONFIDENTIAL" / iana-token / x-name
   ;Default is PUBLIC

In Mozilla Calendar (and other calendar programs) those aren't defined in exceptionally useful ways. Due to the ordering of them in that spec you have to kind of think it is reasonable that CONFIDENTIAL is more secret than PRIVATE, but that's about the only clue I've found so far.

I think what I will do is make "PRIVATE" the one you can only see the fact, and the time, but not any content. And make CONFIDENTIAL completely invisible to external parties.

I think, it's not correct according from the link above :

"If you want to hide the complete event, you have to mark it as PRIVATE. This also implies that it will be ignored when calculating your free/busy information for other users."

  • Except that Mozilla Calendar doesn't present the UI that way for other calendar types. As far as I can see for all other calendars it presents a classification which can be 'PUBLIC', 'PRIVATE' or 'CONFIDENTIAL' - and none of those is interpreted in the way that document describes. I can only deal with those settings and define behaviour solely on the basis of those three values, because that is all that Mozilla Calendar (and other software) will send me in the iCalendar files.

I have not the correct answer, but it could be possible to define in rscds-conf.php how rscds is supposed to deal with those three values. ex : $c->Class['PRIVATE'] = 'DATE_AND_TIME';$c->Class['CONFIDENTIAL'] = 'HIDDEN';$c->Class['PUBLIC'] = 'PUBLIC'; In lightning with WCAP, those class are in the GUI : private, public, date & time only, but in the wcap ref protocole we can read 'PUBLIC', 'PRIVATE' or 'CONFIDENTIAL', very strange....

Yeah. There is no real documentation on this. RFC2445 is particularly frustrating in specifying those three values and then vaguely saying that "since nobody can guarantee how other people might deal with the information it is implementation dependent" (I paraphrase). If I Google for "PRIVATE vs. CONFIDENTIAL" I do get hits which suggest that Other Software considers "CONFIDENTIAL" to be less secret than "PRIVATE", so lets go with that (and reverse the logic committed today :-).