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The Configuration File

The configuration file for RSCDS is looked for in two places. First, a {{{config/config.php}}} file is looked for, relative to the RSCDS root directory (the directory above the htdocs directory). If that is not present then it will look for a file in {{{/etc/rscds}}} which is named {{{}}}.

This file is a PHP file and is included very early in the processing of each page.

Example Configurations

Some commented example configurations are available in the source code. Unfortunately these did not ship with 0.8.0 but they will be included in future versions in {{{/usr/share/doc/rscds/examples}}}.

You can, however, download these example configurations from the source code, here:

Authentication Configuration

Standard PostgreSQL Database

Using LDAP

/*********** LDAP hook **********/
//$c->authenticate_hook['call'] = 'LDAP_check';
//$c->authenticate_hook['config'] = array(
//    'host' => '', //host name of your LDAP Server
//    'port' => '389', //port
//    'bindDN'=> 'cn=manager,cn=internal,dc=tennaxia,dc=net', //DN to bind to this server enabling to perform request
//    'passDN'=> 'xxxxxxxx', //Password of the previous bindDN to bind to this server enabling to perform request
//    'baseDNUsers'=> 'dc=tennaxia,dc=net', //where to look at valid user
//    'filterUsers' => 'objectClass=kolabInetOrgPerson', //filter that must validate an valid user
//    'baseDNGroups' => 'ou=divisions,dc=tennaxia,dc=net', //not used ATM
//    'filterGroups' => 'objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames', //not used ATM
       /** /!\ "username" should be set and "updated" must be set **/
//    'mapping_field' => array("username" => "uid",
//                             "updated" => "modifyTimestamp",
//                             "fullname" => "cn" ,
//                             "email" =>"mail",
//                             "active" => ), //used to create the user based on his ldap properties
       /** used to set default value for all users, will be overcharged by ldap if defined also in mapping_field **/
//    'default_value' => array("date_format_type" => "E","locale" => "fr_FR"),
       /** foreach key set start and length in the string provided by ldap
           example for openLDAP timestamp : 20070503162215Z **/
//    'format_udpated'=> array('Y' => array(0,4),'m' => array(4,2),'d'=> array(6,2),'H' => array(8,2),'M'=>array(10,2),'S' => array(12,2))
//    );

Using a different 'AWL' database

The "AWL" library contains the basic database structure for user data which is used by RSCDS, and it is possible to use this data from a different database. This plugin is written more-or-less as an example of how to write an authentication plugin, but may be useful.