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(released 2010-02-05)

The focus of this release is to add polish to some of the raw features that landed in 0.9.8 code name "Calendar Armageddon Extreme!"

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

This release includes minor database changes. You must run the update-davical-database script on upgrading to this release.

AWL Libraries

This release requires you to update to version 0.40 of the AWL libraries.

PostgreSQL Version

This version requires PostgreSQL 8.2 or later to be installed.

PHP Version

This version requires PHP 5.1 or later to be installed.

PDO libraries

From this version it is necessary to have the PDO libraries available in addition to the legacy psql libraries.

Functionality Changes

  • The collection edit screen now correctly enables the various fields when changing the collection type.
  • Add version display and basic dependency checks to a "Setup" page in the admin system.
  • Allow config files to be under /usr/local
  • Started to build support for the ACL method.
  • Return 406 Not Acceptable for invalid XML request.
  • Add support for principal-search-property-set REPORT per RFC3744

Bug Fixes

  • Some minor issues with the webdav synchronisation support have been resolved.
  • Create a default calendar when a User or Resource principal is created.

Other Changes

  • Comment out debugging messages for peformance.
  • Refactor principal-property-search REPORT.
  • Move DAVResource inclusion to REPORT wrapper.
  • Refactor the construction of DAV::acl and report owner acl
  • Move MKCOL/MKCALENDAR to NeedPrivilege()
  • Strip redundant code from CalDAVRequest
  • Move response for supported-lock and supported-privilege-set into DAVResource.php


Released 5th February 2010

Download links


deb lenny awm

Debian Sid

AWL and DAViCal are in Debian Sid and can be installed directly with apt-get.

The packages will work with earlier versions of Debian as long as recent versions of PostgreSQL & PHP are used.


An ebuild should be available in due course.

Source packages

RPM packages