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(released 2009-09-14)

The focus of this release will be bugfixes and small incremental changes

Database Upgrade

There is no database upgrade requirement with this release.

Functionality Changes

  • Support the /principals/users/<username> URL which iPhone and iCal request to simplify configuration.
  • Expand privileges to support iPhone OS 3.1 brokenness.
  • Add option to disable caldav-proxy support for performance reasons.

Bug Fixes

  • URL encoding fixes.

Other Changes

  • Remove calls by reference which are deprecated in PHP 5.3


Released on 14th September 2009

Download links

Debian Lenny

deb lenny awm

Debian Sid

AWL and DAViCal are in Debian Sid and can be installed directly with apt-get. These packages will work in Lenny or later, or in Ubuntu Hardy or later.

The packages will work with earlier versions of Debian as long as recent versions of PostgreSQL are used.


An ebuild should be available in due course.

Source packages

RPM packages

Known Issues

Unfortunately contained a regression in the free/busy scheduling. An overly aggressive application of urlencoding resulted in the misapplication of urlencoding to a mailto: address. The following patch needs to be applied:

--- davical/inc/CalDAVPrincipal.php.borked	2009-09-11 21:55:21.000000000 +1200
+++ davical/inc/CalDAVPrincipal.php	2009-09-24 21:06:18.000000000 +1200
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@
     $this->calendar_home_set = array( $this->url );
     $this->user_address_set = array(
-       rawurlencode('mailto:'.$this->email),
+       'mailto:'.$this->email,
        ConstructURL( '/'.$this->username.'/', true ),
 //       ConstructURL( '/~'.$this->username.'/', true ),
 //       ConstructURL( '/__uuids__/'.$this->username.'/', true ),