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(released 2009-06-22)

The focus of this release was to add support for the iPhone OS 3.

Database Upgrade

The database will need to be at release 1.2.4, at a minimum. Although no database structure changes occur in this release, it is necessary to run the update-davical-database program after the software upgrade, to update some functions and triggers in the database.

It is not yet known whether this version will work with a PostgreSQL 7.4 backend database. It is known to work with 8.1 or later, and 8.3 or later is recommended.

Functionality Changes

  • Align freebusy.php parameter handling with proposed standard.
  • Allow free/busy permission to grant access to obfuscated calendar.
  • Stubbed implementation of calendar proxy.
  • Added support for publicly_readable attribute of collection when accessing a /public.php/user/collection/ path.
  • Allow configuration of site wide user default values.
  • Much more accurate return of events in a calendar-query REPORT, using new in-database parsing of iCalendar RRULE elemtents.

Bug Fixes

  • schedule-response in wrong XML namespace.
  • resourcetype was being ommitted when an empty resourcetype should have been returned.

Other Changes

  • Some fixes for compatibility with iPhone v3 OS.
  • New debugging configuration options to capture the full request/response communication:
  • $c->dbg['request'] = 1; // capture the request & headers
  • $c->dbg['response'] = 1; // capture the response & headers


This release was enabled through some sponsorship from TruHearing.


Released on June 2009

Download links

Debian Lenny

deb lenny awm

Debian Sid

AWL and DAViCal are in Debian Sid and can be installed directly with apt-get. These packages will work in Lenny or later, or in Ubuntu Hardy or later.

The packages will work with earlier versions of Debian as long as recent versions of PostgreSQL are used.


An ebuild should be available in due course.

Source packages

RPM packages

Unfortunately something went wrong when I tried to run alien to create the RPM packages, so there are no RPM packages as yet. I'll try and fix that and create some in the next couple of days (and update this text!). Ask on IRC for mor information.