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(released 2009-04-11)

This was largely a bugfix and stability update.

Database Upgrade

No database upgrade is required. If you installed your DAViCal at or this release will correct the database version string which was not correctly set in those released versions, however.

Library Upgrade

The AWL library must be upgraded to version 0.36 at the same time as this release is applied.

Functionality Changes

The hide_alarm configuration setting has been removed. This is not needed for recent versions of Mozilla Calendar.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been fixed, particularly around the display of confidential events to those who can only see that the event exists, and not its details.

Other Changes

  • caldav-client.php has been modified to use socket connections, removing the dependency on Curl.
  • There has been significant refactoring of the handling of iCalendar data, fixing a number of bugs in the process.
  • Added Italian locale from Alessandro De Zorzi
  • Adjust timezone handling in regression testing (Markus Warg).
  • Many fixes to caldav-client from Michael Rasmussen.
  • Added dummy handler for POST CANCEL events for iCal compatibility (Wolfgang Herget).
  • Support usernames with spaces or punctuation.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated relational integrity constraints.
  • Fix database versioning.


Released on 11th April 2009.