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(released 2008-11-18)

This was largely a bugfix update, primarily addressing some reported compatibility issues with Apple iCal.

Database Upgrade

No database upgrade is required.

Library Upgrade

The AWL library should be upgraded to version 0.34 at the same time as this release is applied.

Functionality Changes

  • It is now possible to delete collections through user maintenance in the administrative interface.
  • There is a new configuration setting to control whether I should see appointments where the user is an organizer/attendee, even if those appointments are PRIVATE or CONFIDENTIAL and are not in a calendar which they own.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix creation of database when template1 has pl/pgsql installed.
  • Calculate DTEND when it is not set according to RFC2445.
  • Much improved XML namespace handling.

Other Changes

  • Improvements to regression testing.
  • Switch to use iCalComponent object rather than iCalendar, in many cases.
  • Updated French translation


Released 2008-11-18